10 ways to promote National Consciousness

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National Consciousness refers to the shared sense of awareness and identity that individuals have towards their country. It is also the strong feeling of love, commitment, loyalty and affection that enables a citizen to work for the growth and development of his nation.

It is a very important value every Nigerian should possess to encourage participation in civic activities such as voting, volunteering, activism and public debates.

Photo by Tope A. Asokere.

National Consciousness encourages more youths to participate in voting, volunteering, activism and public debates.



Here are ten ways to promote national consciousness amongst the citizens and netizens of Nigeria:

  1. Celebration of National Holidays.

National holidays, such as Independence Day (1 October), Democracy Day (12 June) and Workers’ day (1 May) should be given more relevance as they provide an opportunity for Nigerians to come together and celebrate their shared value and history.

  1. Teach Nigerian History.

Nigerians need to learn about their historical heritage to develop a sense of national consciousness. The study of Nigerian history in schools, museums, and cultural centres can help young people understand our past and appreciate our cultural diversity.

  1. Celebrating past heroes and heroines.

Doing so will inspire Nigerians to be more conscious of the state of the country and work towards promoting unity and tolerance. The likes of Tafawa Balewa, Obafemi Awolowo and Nnamdi Azikiwe are Nigerian heroes who will inspire future generations.


  1. Encouragement of Multiculturalism.

Nigeria boasts of a very verbose diversity. Promoting multiculturalism can help Nigerians appreciate and respect different cultures, religions, and traditions. For example, on Cultural Days, students are encouraged to wear native attires, eat indigenous foods and speak their dialects. Inter-tribal marriage is also one factor that promotes national consciousness.

  1. Support of Local Languages.

Nigeria has over 500 spoken local languages. Encouraging the use of local languages in the media and in public spaces (without disdain) is crucial to preserving Nigeria’s linguistic heritage and foster a sense of pride in local cultures.

  1. Respect National Symbols.

Citizens should understand the necessity of respecting our national symbols e.g saluting the National Flag, standing still with gusto and joy while the National Anthem/Pledge is recited, not spraying or sprinkling Naira notes in parties etc.

  1. Encourage Sports.

The Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) should be improved in terms of coverage as it provides an avenue for togetherness. Supporting local sports teams, organizing national competitions, and promoting physical activity can help promote national consciousness.

  1. Supporting Nigerian Arts.

Nigerian art, music, and literature can serve as powerful tools for promoting national consciousness. Encouraging the creation and dissemination of Nigerian art can help foster a sense of pride in the country’s cultural heritage.

  1. Volunteerism

Volunteering for national causes, such as monthly sanitation exercise, disaster relief, or community development, can help Nigerians develop a sense of responsibility and ownership for their country.

  1. Promote National Service

National service programs, such as the National Youth Service Corps, can provide Nigerians with an opportunity to serve their country, mix with other people of diverse backgrounds and develop a sense of national identity.

  1. Citizenship/Civic Education.

Civic education can help Nigerians understand their rights, responsibilities, and duties as citizens. This can help foster a sense of national consciousness and encourage active citizenship.


  1. It is a way of promoting national unity.
  2. It provides for sustainable development.
  3. National consciousness promotes patriotism, which is a love and devotion to one’s country.
  4. It encourages people to share ideas, values and emotional bonds.
  5. It can help to reduce tensions and promote peaceful coexistence.
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