100 Abbreviations and their Meaning in Nigeria

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Abbreviations play a significant role in Nigerian communication. It is often used in news, web articles and textbooks—so learners/students must know quite a number of them by heart. Abbreviations can also be used to avoid repetitions. For instance, instead of saying “Central Bank of Nigeria” every time, you can simply choose to say “CBN.” It’s shorter and more effective!

With that said, let’s dive into common abbreviations or acronyms used in Nigeria. The list below cuts across abbreviations relating to Nigerian industries, universities, security agencies, bodies and religious associations.

AAPAcademic Associates Peaceworks
AAUAmbrose Alli University
AAUAAdekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko
AAWUNAgricultural and Allied Workers Union of Nigeria
ABSUAbia State University
ABUTHAhmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital
ACCONAnti-Cult Campaign Organisation of Nigeria
ACNAction Congress Nigeria
ACOMORANAmalgamated Commercial Motorcycle Riders Association of Nigeria
ACPAssistant Commissioner of Police
AIGAssistant Inspector-General
AITAfrica Independent Television
ALSCONAluminium Smelter Company Of Nigeria
ANCLAAssociation of Customs Licensed Agents
ANPPAll Nigeria People’s Party
APAfrican Petroleum
APAccord Party
APCArmoured Personnel Carrier
APCAll Progressives Congress
APGAAll Progressive Grand Alliance
APRIAccident Prevention and Rescue Initiative
ASPAssistant Superintendant of Police
ASSCUAnambra State Sewage Contractors Union
ATBUAbubakar Tafawa Balewa University
ATQONAssociation of Tippers and Quarry Owners of Nigeria
AVSAnambra Vigilance Service
AWB Airway Bill 
AYDFArewa Youth Development Foundation
BAMBlack Axe Movement
BBBlack Berets
BCGABritish Cotton Growers Association
BENSUBenue State University
BHBoko Haram
BL Bill of Lading 
BTSBase Transmission Station
C&F Cost & Freight 
CAA Civil Aviation Authority 
CACCorporate Affairs Commission
CANChristian Association of Nigeria
CARE Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere 
CBNCentral Bank of Nigeria
CCCCelestial Church of Christ
CCIConcerned Citizens of Ika
CDACommunity Development Association
CDCCommunity Development Committee
CDSChief of Defence Staff
CENTECSCentre for Ethnic and Conflict Studies
CIDCriminal Investigation Department
CIDJAPCatholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace
CJTFCivilian Joint Task Force
CLOCivil Liberties Organization
CLOCommunity Liaison officer
CLPCitizen Leadership Party
CNPCChinese National Petroleum Company
COCINChurch of Christ in Nigeria
CODUCCoordinadora de Organizaciones Democraticas Urbanas y Campesinas
COMACoalition for Militant Action
COMESECOMSCommunity Secondary Commercial School
COMOACommercial Motorcycles Operators Association
CONTISSConsolidated Tertiary Institution Salary Structure
CORENCouncil for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria
CPAChristian Praying Assembly
CPCCongress for Progressive Change
CPMChristian Pentecostal Mission
CPSCentral Police Station
CRCCivil Rights Congress
CRSWBCross River State Water Board
CRUTECHCross River University of Technology
CSOChief Security Officer
CUDACalabar Urban Development Authority
DCODivisional Crime Officer
DESOPADECDelta State Oil Producing Areas Commission
DGSADirector General Services and Administration
DIGDeputy Inspector General
DPADemocratic Peoples Alliance
DPODivisional Police Officer
DPPDemocratic People’s Party
DPRDepartment Petroleum Resources
DSPDeputy Superintendent of Police
DSSDepartment of State Security
DSSSDepartment of Security Services
DWSDrivers’ Welfare Scheme
EBSUEbonyi State University
ECOMOGECOWAS Monitoring Group
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States 
EFCCEconomic and Financial Crimes Commission
ERGP Economic Recovery and Growth Plan 
ESUTEnugu State University of Science and Technologies
EWEarly warning
FAAN Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria 
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization 
FCDAFederal Capital Development Agency
FCEFoundation for Co-Existence
FCTFederal CapitalTerritory
FCTAFederal Capital Territory Administration
FERMAFederal Road Management Agency
FFFFreedom Freelance Fighters
FGFederal Government
FGDFocus group discussion
FHAFederal Housing Auhority
FIBFederal Investigation Bureau
FICDForce Criminal Investigation Department
FJHDForum for Justice and Human Rights Defence
FMCFederal Medical Center
FNDICFederated Niger Delta Ijaw Communities
FOUFederal Operations Unit
FPSOFloating Production Storage and Offloading
FRCNFederal Radio Corporation of Nigeria
FRSCFederal Road Safety Commission
FUAMFederal University of Agriculture of Makurdi
FUTFederal University of Technology
FUTAFederal University of Technology Akure
FUTOFederal University of Technology Owerri
GIHLGlobal Infrastructure Holding Limited
GOCGeneral Officer Commanding
GPRS General Pocket Radio Service 
GRAGovernment Reservation Area
GTBGuarantee Trust Bank
HNDCHope for Nigeria Delta Campaign
IASInstitute of African Studies
IATA International Air Transport Association 
ICANInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization 
ICCInternational Conference Center
ICCESInter-Agency Consultative Committee on Election Security
ICDInitiative for Community Development
ICTInformation and Communication Technology
IDPs Internally Displaced Persons 
IEDsImprovised Explosive Devices
IFRAInstitute for Research in Africa
IGPInspector General of Police
ILRIInternational Livestock Research Institute
ILS Instrument Landing System 
IMIndependent Marketer
IMF International Monetary Fund 
IMSUImo State University
IMTInstitute of Management and Technology
IMTF Inter-Ministerial Task Force 
INECIndependant National Electoral Commission
INGO International NGO 
INTELSIntegrated Logistics Services
IOM International Organization for Migration 
IPMANIndependent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria
IPMAN Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria 
IPPIndependent Power Plant
IRINIntegrated Regional Information Networks
ISPs Internet Service Providers 
IYCIjaw Youth Council
JAAIDSJournalists Against AIDS
JASLWJJama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad
JICJoint Islamic Committee
JPTJoint Patrol Team
JRCJoint Revolutionary Council
JTFJoint Task Force
KAIKick Against Indiscipline
KRPCKaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company
KVA Kilo Volt Ampere 
LASPOTECHLagos State Polytechnic
LASTMALagos State Traffic Management Autority
LASULagos State University
LAUTECHLadoke Akintola University of Technology
LAWMALagos State Waste Management Authority
LCDALocal Development Area Council
LGALocal Government Area
LNGLiquefied Natural Gas
LPLabour Party
LPGLiquefied Petroleum Gas
LSFSC Lagos State Ferry Services Corporation 
LUTHLagos University Teaching Hospital
MACBANMiyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria
MAKIAMallam Aminu Kano International Airport
MANManufacturers Association of Nigeria
MASSOBMovement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra
MENDMovement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta
MJTFMultinational Joint Task Force
MMIAMurtala Mohammed International Airport
MNJTFMulti-National Joint Task Force
MOBNP Ministry of Budget and National Planning 
MOF Ministry of Finance 
MoFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
MOMMajor Oil Marketer
MOPOLMobile Police
MOSOPMovement for the Survival of the Ogoni People
MoUMemorandum of Understanding
MOU Memorandum of Understanding 
MT Metric Tons 
MW Megawatt 
N/A Not Available 
NADPNasarawa State Agricultural Development Programme
NAEMENigerian Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
NAFNigerian Air Force
NAFDACNational Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control
NAFESTNational Festival of Arts and Culture
NAGAFFNon-Governmental Organization
NAHCO Nigeria Aviation Handling Company 
NAMA National Airspace Management Agency 
NANNews Agency of Nigeria
NANSNational Association of Nigeria Students
NAOCNigerian Agip Oil Company
NARTONational Association of Road Transport Owners
NASFATNasrul-Lahi-il Fathi
NBANigeria Bar Association
NBCNational Boundary Commission
NBCNational Broadcasting Commission
NBERNational Bureau of Economic Research
NBSNational Bureau for Statistics
NCAA Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority 
NCRINational Cereals Research Institute
NCSNational Customs Service
NCS Nigeria Customs Service 
NDANigerian Defence Academy
NDDCNiger Delta Development Commission
NDINational Democratic Institute
NDLEANational Drug Law Enforcement Agency
NDPVFNiger Delta People’s Volunteer Force
NDRCNigeria Delta Reconciliation Council
NDUNiger Delta University
NDVNiger Delta Vigilante
NECONational Examinations Council
NEMANational Emergency Management Agency
NEMA National Emergency Management Agency 
NEPADNew Partnership for Africa’s Development
NFI Non-food Items 
NFTWANigeria Fishing Trawlers Workers Association
NGOPeace and Conflict Studies
NGO Non-governmental Organization 
NHRCNational Human Rights Commission
NICIS Nigeria Integrated Customs Information System 
NIPCO Nigeria Independent Petroleum Company 
NIPOSTNigerian Postal Service
NISNigeria Immigration Service
NITELNigerian Telecom Plc
NITOANigerian Trawler Owners Association
NIWA Nigeria Inland Waterways Authority 
NJINational Judicial Institute
NLCNigerian Labour Congress
NLDPNational Livestock Development Project
NLNGNigerian Liquefied Natural Gas
NMANational Maritime Authority
NNCAENigerian National Council for Adult Education
NNPCNigerian National Petroleum Company
NNPCNigeria National Petroleum Corporation
NOPRINNetwork on Police Reform in Nigeria
NOUNNational Open University of Nigeria
NPANigerian Ports Authority
NPCNational Population Commission
NPDCNational Petroleum Development Company
NPFNigeria Police Force
NRCNational Republican Convention
NSANational Security Adviser
NSCDCNigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps
NSRPNigerian Stability and Reconciliation Programme
NTANigerian Television Authority
NUATENational Union of Air Transport Employees
NUJNigeria Union of Journalists
NULGENational Union of Local Government Employees
NUPENGNational Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers
NURTWNational Union of Road Transport Workers
NUTNigeria Union of Teachers
NVRINational Veterinary Research Institute
NYSCNational Youth Service Corps
OCHA Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 
OECDOrganization for Economic Co-operation and Development
OFNOperation Feed the Nation
OICOrganisation of Islamic Conference
OMPADECOil Minerals Producing Areas Development Commission
OOUOlabisi Onabanjo University
OPCOodua Peoples Congress
PAAR Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (Customs) 
PCNI Presidential Committee on the North East Initiative 
PCSSenior Staff Association at the Nasarawa State University
PDPPeople’s Democratic Party
PENGASSANPetroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association
PHCNPower Holding Company
PIBPetroleum Industry Bill
PMANPerforming Musicians Association of Nigeria
PMFPolice Mobile Force
PMSPremium Motor Spirit
PMTPeace Mass Transit
POWAPolice Officers Wives Association
PPAProgramme Peoples Alliance
PPMCPipeline Products Marketing Company
PPPRAPetroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Authority
PPROPolice Public Relations Officer
PRIOPeace Research Institute in Oslo
PRPPeoples Redemption Party
PSF Petroleum Support Fund 
PTDPetroleum Tankers Drivers
QRSQuick Response Squad
RoRo Roll on Roll off 
RRSRapid Response Squad
RSSDARivers State Sustainable Development Agency
RSUSTRivers State University of Science and Technology
RTCRoad Traffic Crashes
RTEANRoad Transport Employers Association of Nigeria
RTOANRoad Transport Owners Association of Nigeria
SAHCO Skyway Aviation Handling Company 
SAPStructural Adjustment Policy
SARSSpecial Anti-Robbery Squad
SCIDState Criminal Investigation Department
SCIDState Criminal Investigation Department
SDPSocial Democratic Party
SECSupreme Eye Confraternity
SEMAState Emergency Management Agency
SEMA State Emergency Management Agency 
SERAState Emergency Relief Agency
SONCAP Standards Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Programme 
SOSSwift Operation Squad
SPDCShell Petroleum Development Company
SSANUSenior Staff Associationat the Nasarawa State University
SSATPSub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program
SSCSpecial Strike Code
SSGSecretary to the State Government
SSSState Security Service
SSSState Security Service
STFSpecial Task Force
STFSpecial Task Force
SUBEBState Universal Basic Education Board
SUGStudents’ Union Government
TASUEDTai Solarin University of Education
TRACETraffic Compliance and Enforcement Corp
TUCTrade Union Congress
UBAUnited Bank of Africa
UBNUnion Bank of Nigeria
UBTHUniversity of Benin Teaching Hospital
UCHUniversity College Hospital
UIUniversity of Ibadan
UITHUniversity of Ilorin Teaching Hospital
UMEUniversity Matriculation Examinations
UNUnited Nations
UNADUniversity of Ado-Ekiti
UNAIDS Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS 
UNCT United Nations Country Team 
UNDP United Nations Development Programme 
UNECUniversity of Nigeria Enugu Campus
UNEP United Nations Environmental Programme 
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 
UNFPA United Nations Population Fund 
UNHAS United Nations Humanitarian Air Service 
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 
UniAbujaUniversity of Abuja
UNIBENUniversity of Benin
UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund 
UNIPORTUniversity of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital
UNIUYOUniversity of Uyo
UNIZIKNnamdi Azikiwe University
UNNUniversity of Nigeria Nsukka
UPTHUniversity of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital
UPUUrhobo Progress Union
UUTHUniversity of Uyo Teaching Hospital
V-SAT Very Smart Aperture Terminal 
VOR VHF omnidirectional radio range 
WAMCOWest Africa Milk Company
WASH Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 
WCO World Customs Organization 
WEMPCOWestern Metal Products Company
WFP World Food Programme 
WHOWorld Health Organization
WVI World Vision International 


And that was it! A list of 300+ abbreviations commonly used in Nigeria. But, there’s still more. If YOU know any that has not been added here, please drop it in the comments below as it might be of help to others searching for the meaning.

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