Nigeria Current Affairs Test Quiz

Test your knowledge from our 100 screened current affairs questions and answers, the first of its kind in Nigeria.

  • You are allowed to an pick answer once only.
  • 10 Questions, 3 minutes.
  • Pass mark is 70%.
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Jomiloju October 9, 2023 Reply

I feel it’s knowledgeable

Abdulbasit Toriola October 10, 2023 Reply

We appreciate your feedback, Jomiloju. We’ll keep trying to make the quiz more knowledgeable.

Marvelous November 24, 2023 Reply

This is good for students

Kausar December 4, 2023 Reply

It’s interesting

Semilore January 28, 2024

Its challenging and very knowledgeable

chukwu chioma February 26, 2024 Reply

The quiz was interesting

precious udo February 19, 2024 Reply

It’s knowledgeable

Feranmi October 19, 2023 Reply

It’s good for me

Onitiri Adeshewa November 22, 2023 Reply

It is understanding and knowledgeable for Nigerian student,Please keep it up

Dãmisçø Dëë November 7, 2023 Reply

Yeah, a good test of Nigerian knowledge. Keep it up.

Abdulbasit Toriola November 8, 2023 Reply

Thanks for participating in our quiz, Damasco. We´ĺl keep improving!

Lauren aiyedatiwa January 12, 2024 Reply

I really like this this will help a lot of people

Godwin Etuk November 9, 2023 Reply

The quiz is very educative. I am happy i scored 90%

Abdulbasit Toriola November 12, 2023 Reply

That’s an impressive one, Godwin!

If you like you can follow up on our first current affairs competition on our Whatsapp channel. It’s coming up on December 29. Cash prizes to be won.

MOSES November 9, 2023 Reply

It’s ok and it is knowledgeable

Ibeneme Destiny chidera November 10, 2023 Reply

I appreciate, thanks

Favour November 11, 2023 Reply

That’s interesting it helps to keep in tone

Abdulbasit Toriola November 12, 2023 Reply

That’s good to hear, Favour.

Esther November 20, 2023 Reply

This is good and great

Nwankwo promise oluchi November 26, 2023 Reply

This my first time of attempting,i promise to do more better next time.

Abdulbasit Toriola December 9, 2023 Reply

Yeah. Can’t wait to have you again, Promise.

Divine November 22, 2023 Reply

Wow,the quiz was interesting,but there’s no award.

Abdulbasit Toriola December 9, 2023 Reply

Hi Divine, our monthly quiz competition is upcoming on Dec. 29. Join our Whatsapp channel here for updates. Thanks!

Chiamaka Jane November 22, 2023 Reply

Very nice

Olamide November 23, 2023 Reply

It’s knowledgeable

Nwankwo promise oluchi November 26, 2023 Reply

very interesting

Nwankwo promise oluchi November 26, 2023 Reply

good one

Mac donna November 27, 2023 Reply

For me, I think it taught me some of the things i didn’t even learn in skull, I feel happy discovering that there is a place I can really find out about the world, may the good lord bless you more.

Abdulbasit Toriola December 9, 2023 Reply

Hi Mac Donna, your reply made our day. God bless you too!

Praise February 5, 2024 Reply

Wow what a interesting quiz I scored 80%

tamara December 9, 2023 Reply

hard i keep getting 80%

Abdulbasit Toriola December 9, 2023 Reply

That’s not bad if you ask me. Keep the ball rolling, Tamara!

Wajud o December 10, 2023 Reply

Brian cracking

Abdulbasit Toriola December 10, 2023 Reply

That’s the goal!!

Eze nmesoma Catherine December 29, 2023 Reply

So interesting,at first I never got any score, but I keep trying till I got all of them,so happy.

Queency February 25, 2024 Reply

I like the quiz stuff, it’s educating, mine was kinda impromptu but, I scored 9 out of 10.

Malik December 29, 2023 Reply

Very knowledgeable quiz.

Gempy ijeoma January 14, 2024 Reply

The quiz is very inquisitive i scored 100%

Abdulbasit Toriola January 16, 2024 Reply

Nice one, Ijeoma.

Zubby January 29, 2024 Reply

It’s a very nice trivia quiz to test the knowledge of the students constantly about her nation’s history and heritage

Abdulbasit Toriola January 29, 2024 Reply

Thanks for your reply, Champ ❤️

Hassy February 25, 2024 Reply

It is really educative.

chukwu chioma February 26, 2024 Reply

The quiz was interesting

Gbotemi March 1, 2024 Reply

Thank you very much, I really enjoyed it but I have a complain, doesn’t the horse on the coat of arms signify dignity, I picked that and I missed the question

Abdulbasit Toriola March 2, 2024 Reply

Hi Gbotemi, apologies for the error. It has been rectified!

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