Dr. Tayo Ojo: the Gifted Nigerian Neurosurgeon.

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Dr. Tayo Ojo is the Nigerian Neurosurgeon who’s been making the news for the large successes he’s had in his field. Recently, Dr. Tayo – alongside Doctor Anyia – successfully removed a tumor from a very critical location of a patient’s brain (details later or here). He’s been doing this throughout his career – saving lives with scalpels.

After the surgery, one of his students tweeted:

“I saw him as our own ‘Ben Carson‘ the first time I saw him in LUTH. Honoured to have been taught by him.”

– Dr. Okafor Emmanuel on Twitter.


  • FULL NAME: Omotayo Abimbola Ojo.
  • HOMETOWN: Ilesa, Osun State.
  • TRAINED AT: College of Medicine, University of Lagos (CMUL).


Dr. Tayo Ojo is currently a consultant at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) and Lagoons Hospital (IKOYI), and a visiting consultant at the Marigold Hospital in Lagos since 2020.

He is also a lecturer at Lagos University Teaching Hospital where he guides students on Neurosurgeon and other medical coursework.


In 2013, Dr. Tayo Ojo won the prestigious Young Neurosurgeon award of the World Federation of Neurosurgeon Societies (WFNS), South Korea. The award was in recognition of his outstanding work on Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV) in the treatment of hydrocephalus in children.


Understandably, we could not gather much stories about the several surgeries Dr. Tayo Ojo had done. However, we’ve handpicked three (3) popular surgeries for your read:

Dr. Tayo Ojo (right) with Aproko Doctor.

After back-to-back lab tests and scans, Aproko Doctor – a popular Nigerian Influencer and Medic – was diagnosed of a benign brain tumor that was growing right over his pituitary gland and optic nerve. The complications of this was that the patient was at risk of blindness, stroke or even death.

The tumor could have been removed through the patient’s nose, but owing to its delicate location, they had to cut his skull open. This surgery was reported done on the 18th of Dec. 2022 and the patient is now hale and hearty.


The patient – Bunmi Etefia – talked about her battle with headaches in her interview with Inspaya TV. She had several scans and tests that showed that she had fibroid, very low PCV, kidney stones and heart malfunction.

She explained that after all the tests, she consulted Dr. Tayo Ojo who told her that whatever she was experiencing is due to a tumor in her head. The tumors were successfully removed in September, 2013.


Recently, a Twitter user with username @be_mmanuel expressed how much he loved the Doctor. Dr. Tayo Ojo removed painful, cancerous tumors from his spine at LUTH. He also assisted Dr. Ugboro in doing a skingrafting surgery of the foot for the patient.

Aproko Doctor and Emmanuel’s tweet.
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Ikechukwu Onwe January 27, 2024 Reply

Please i need the address and location of his hospital

Abdulbasit Toriola January 29, 2024 Reply

He’s the Head of Neurosurgery CMUL/LUTH. Address is Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH),Ishaga Rd, Idi-Araba, Lagos.

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