National Symbol Flower of Nigeria: the Costus spectabilis

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Different countries have different national flowers. These flowers usually represent an intimate meaning to the people of such country. Nigeria is no different. The national symbol flower of Nigeria is the Yellow Trumpet, botanically known as Costus Spectabilis. To give you an inkling of other countries and their flowers, here’s a short list:

  • China – Lotus Flower
  • France – Iris
  • South Africa – The King Protea
  • Japan – Chrysanthemum and Cherry Blossom
  • Australia – Golden Wattle
  • Ghana – Impala Lily
  • Pakistan & Syria – Jasmine
  • Russia – Camomile
  • Slovakia – Rose
  • Portugal – Lavender
  • Canada – Maple Leaf
  • Nigeria – Yellow Trumpet

You can see their beautiful pictures in this awesome post. Now, let’s dive right into the topic.

Yellow Trumpet: National Symbol Flower of Nigeria

The Floral emblem or National flower of Nigeria is the Costus Spectabili. This lovely flower can be found all over the country’s region, with its bright beautiful color. It is can also be found flourishing throughout the whole of Africa from Sierra Leone to Sudan or as far to the south as Angola and Zimbabwe.

Another name for the national flower of Nigeria is Yellow Trumpet. They are called so because the flowers are trumpet-shaped. It is visually represented in the National Coat of Arms. However, it is represented incorrectly as several small, bright red flowers at the base (instead of yellow) due inexplicable reasons.

Costus Spectabilis - National Flower of Nigeria
Costus Spectabilis: one of Nigeria’s National symbol

The trumpet-shaped flowers bloom in bright colors. Though they die quickly, it doesn’t take long before they bloom again. It is infact a herbaceous, perennial plant that can live for more than 2 years. The Costus spectabili is also edible and is said to taste as good as a fruit.

Significance of the National Symbol Flower of Nigeria

As a national symbol, the Costus spectabili is said to signify the country’s beauty, distinctiveness, and affluence. Some argue that it stands for the resilience, joyfulness, and a positive outlook held by the people of Nigeria.

Controversies on the National Symbol Flower of Nigeria

Here we answer some of the most puzzling questions that’s been asked around the web concerning the National Flower of Nigeria.

What Color is the National Flower of Nigeria?

The National Flower of Nigeria is the Costus spectabilis, also known as the Yellow Trumpet. From its name, the flower is yellow in color. However, it is painted red on the Nigeria coat of arms due to “inexplicable” reasons.

Is Piranha the National Symbol Flower of Nigeria?

No, the Piranha flower is native to South African forests. They are hardly found in Nigeria. Also known as Hydnora africana, they are parasitic plant that get nutrient from other plants. They are also insectivorous plants, which means they can feed on insects like beetles. Also if you’ve played the popular Super Mario game, you must have seen them. Piranha flower is not the national symbol flower of Nigeria.

Is Poppies the National Symbol Flower of Nigeria?

Poppies are not very common in Nigeria. They are found mostly in the Northern hemisphere. Poppies are not the national symbol flower of Nigeria. However, they are used around the world as symbols of wartime remembrance, peace, sleep and even death.

Over to You…

Have you ever seen the National flower of Nigeria? Recently, experts are saying that the plant is becoming rare in Nigeria and is not well-known by even gardeners and botanists in Nigeria. Do you have a yellow trumpet in your neighbourhood? Have you never seen it? Please drop a comment down below.

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