Ogun State Anthem Lyrics and MP3 Download

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Ogun State, located in the southwestern part of Nigeria, is not only known for its rich cultural heritage and traditions. One of the traditions that reflect the uniqueness of Ogun state is its anthem.

The Ogun State Anthem is often recited at the beginning of any special events or programs hosted by the Ogun State government and its agencies. The anthem is also popular among students schooling within the state — whether private or public. It is probably one of the most beloved state anthems or songs in Nigeria.

Who Composed the Ogun State Anthem?

Dayo Dedeke: Composer of Ogun State Anthem
Source: BNN Breaking

The Ogun State Anthem, “Ise Ya,” was created by the great pianist and composer, the late Chief Dayo Dedeke, in 1976. He also composed the highly celebrated ‘Ise Agbe, ni ise ilewa’ which is sung by children and adults far and wide in the state.

It was officially chosen as the state’s anthem in the same year by the military government led by Saidu Ayodele Balogun.

Ogun State Anthem Lyrics

The lyrics of the Ogun state are powerful, evoking a sense of belonging and unity among the people. The anthem encourages solidarity and cooperation among the different communities living in Ogun State.

The refrain “Ise ya” is a subtle call to action for the people to work together. It reminds residents and indigenes of Ogun state of the collective responsibility to build a better future for Ogun state.

The line “Omo Ogun ki i s’o le e” is a reminder of the state’s values and how laziness is not encouraged, while one of the last lines “Olorun mbe fun wa” offers hope and reassurance to the people.

Below are the lyrics of the anthem:

Ise ya a a

Ise ya a a

Omo Ogun ise ya a

Olodumare ise ma ya o e e

Ise ya!

Enyin omo Ogun e se giri

Ise po fun wa lati se e e

Omo rere ki isa se e

Omo Ogun ki i s’o le e

Ebere gb’eru o o

Olorun mbe fun wa

E tera mose o o

Ise ya

Omo Ogun ise ya a

Ogun State Anthem MP3 Download

To enjoy the melodious and inspiring Ogun State Anthem, you can listen to it here or download the MP3 version by clicking the three dots below.


And that’s the lyrics of the Ogun State Anthem. We hope you enjoyed it. Please share with fellow Ogun State indigenes and admirers, so they too can connect with the spirit of the state.

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