Nigerian 36 States and Capital and their Slogans

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Welcome to our blog post on the state and capital of Nigeria (and their slogans). Nigeria is a country located in West Africa and is the most populous nation on the continent. There are a total of 36 States in the Nigerian Federation as well as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) which is the Capital and political centre of Nigeria.

Each of the 36 states, which by the Constitution are co-equal, has its own unique culture, history, and economic significance. To provide more structure and political decentralization, each state is further divided into local government areas.

In this blog post, we will provide you with a list of the 36 states and capitals in Nigeria, and their slogan. So, keep reading to learn more about the beautiful and diverse states of Nigeria and their capitals.

10 Fun Facts You’ll Enjoy

  1. Lagos state’s slogan as “Centre of Excellence” is mostly due to its large population which is 3 times more than the largest state in Nigeria – Niger state.
  2. Niger State houses Nigeria’s three major hydroelectric power stations. Its slogan is “The Power State”
  3. The Ekiti’s former slogan was “The Fountain of Knowledge”. It was changed in April 2019 to “Land of Honour”.
  4. Cross River is the only state that has a tourist attraction in nearly most of its LGA – that’s why its slogan is “The People’s Paradise”.
  5. Ibadan, a city in Oyo state, is larger in size than Ekiti, Abia, Lagos, Imo, Anambra and Ebonyi
  6. The slogan of Bornu state is, ironically, “The Home of Peace”.
  7. Nasarawa is blessed with at least known 20 natural resources. Little wonder, its slogan is “Home of Solid Minerals”.
  8. Oyo state is tagged “Pace Setter State” as it is home to some of Nigeria’s FIRST. For instance, Liberty Stadium is the first stadium in Nigeria and Africa; The first television station in Nigeria Western Nigerian Television (later NTA) is located in Ibadan.
  9. Over 80 per cent of the people in Zamfara are farmers, hence the slogan “Farming is Our Pride”.
  10. “The confluence state” is named so because it is situated at the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers.


Nigerian 36 States and Capital and their Slogan

Here’s a list that highlights it:

  1. Abia  — Umuahia: God’s own 
  2. Adamawa  — Yola: Highest peak of the nation
  3. Akwa Ibom  — Uyo: Land of Promise
  4. Anambra — Awka: Light of the nation
  5. Bauchi  — Bauchi : Pearl of Tourism
  6. Bayelsa  — Yenagoa: The Glory of All Lands
  7. Benue  — Makurdi: Food Basket of the Nation
  8. Borno  — Maiduguri: Home of Peace
  9. Edo  Benin City: The Heart Beat of the Nation
  10. Delta  Asaba: The Big Heart of the Nation. Formerly, the Finger of God.
  11. Ebonyi  — Abakaliki: The Salt of the Nation
  12. Cross River  — Calabar: The People’s Paradise
  13. Ekiti — Ado-Ekiti: Land of honour and integrity. Formerly, the Fountain of Knowledge.
  14. Enugu — Enugu : Coal City State 
  15. Gombe Gombe: Jewel in the Savannah
  16. Imo — Owerri: Land of Hope. Formerly, Eastern heartland
  17. Jigawa — Dutse: The New World
  18. Kaduna Kaduna: Centre of learning. Formerly, Liberal State.
  19. Kano — Kano: Centre of Commerce
  20. Katsina Katsina :  State of Hospitality
  21. KebbiBirnin Kebbi: Land of Equity
  22. Kogi Lokoja: The Confluence State
  23. Kwara — Ilorin: The State of Harmony
  24. Lagos — Ikeja: Centre of Excellence
  25. Nasarawa Lafia: The home of Solid Minerals
  26. Niger Minna: The Power State 
  27. Ogun — Abeokuta: The Gateway State
  28. Ondo — Akure: The Sunshine State
  29. OsunOshogbo: State of the Living Spring. Formerly, Land of virtue.
  30. Oyo — Ibadan : The Pace Setter State
  31. Plateau Jos: Home of peace and tourism
  32. RiversPort Harcourt: Treasure base of the Nation
  33. Sokoto Sokoto: Seat of the Caliphate
  34. TarabaJalingo: Nature’s Gift to the Nation
  35. Yobe — Damaturu: Pride of the Sahel. Formerly, the young shall grow.
  36. Zamfara Gusau: Farming is our pride. Formerly, Home of Agricultural Products.
  37. FCT — Abuja: Centre of Unity.

1ABIAUMUAHIAGod’s own state.
2ADAMAWAYOLALand of Beauty
3AKWA-IBOMUYOLand of Promise
4ANAMBRAAWKALight of the Nation
5BAUCHIBAUCHIPearl of Tourism
6BAYELSAYENOGOAGlory of all lands
7BENUEMAKURDIFood Basket of the Nation
11EBONYIABAKALIKISalt of the Nation
12EDOBENINHeart Beat of Nigeria
13EKITIADO-EKITILand of Honour and Integrity
14ENUGUENUGUCoal City State
15GOMBEGOMBEJewel in the Savannah
16IMOOWERRIEastern Heartland
18KADUNAKADUNACentre of Learning
19KANOKANOCentre of Commerce
20KATSINAKATSINAHome of Hospitality
22KOGILOKOJAThe Confluence State
23KWARAILORINState of Harmony
24LAGOSIKEJACentre of Excellence
25NASSARAWALAFIAHome of Solid Minerals
26NIGERMINNAThe Power State
27OGUNABEOKUTAThe Gateway State
28ONDOAKUREThe Sunshine State
29OSUNOSHOGBOThe State of the Living Spring
30OYOIBADANPacesetter State
31PLATEAUJOSHome of Peace and Tourism
Treasure Base of the Nation
33SOKOTOSOKOTOSeat of the Caliphate
34TARABAJALINGONature’s Gift to the Nation
35YOBEDAMATURUPride of the Sahel
36ZAMFARAGUSAUFarming is our Pride
37FCTABUJACentre of Unity.
Nigerian 36 States and capital in Nigeria and their slogans.
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Location Of Nigeria

Nigeria is located in West Africa, sharing a border with Benin in the West, Niger in the North, and Chad and Cameroon in the North-East and East respectively. To the south, it borders the Gulf of Guinea, part of the Atlantic Ocean.

State and Capital in Nigeria
Map of Nigeria showing important cities.

Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria

Depending on location, each state falls under any of these six geopolitical zones.

  1. North Central: Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, and Plateau States, as well as the Federal Capital Territory.
  2. North East: Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba, and Yobe States.
  3. North West: Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, and Zamfara States.
  4. South East: Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo States.
  5. South-South/Niger Delta: Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, and Rivers States.
  6. South West: Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, and Oyo States.
Which Capital is the largest in Nigeria?

Ibadan is the country’s largest capital and city by geographical area. It is the most populous city of Oyo State, in Nigeria. It is the third-largest city by population in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano.

What is the Capital of Nigeria?

Abuja. The city replaced Lagos as the capital on 12 December 1991

What are the 36 States and Capital and their Slogans?

Nigeria has a total of 36 states plus the FCT, each with its own capital and unique slogan. Lagos state, for instance, is dubbed “the Centre of Excellence.”

Over to You…

Without an iota of doubt, each slogan represents something unique about the state. Tell us which state you’re from in the comment section.

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From Anambra State, it’s a home for all. And so it’s light shines unto everyone and everything.
The state’s people are very accommodating

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Seat of the caliphate

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I am from ondo state sunshine state

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I am from kaduna state centre of leaning

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Katsina people show hospitality

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