What do Foreigners love about Nigeria? – 6 listed.

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Perhaps, because we’ve stayed in Nigeria for very long, we are beginning to overlook our beauty.

Foreigners, however, can easily spot our beauty. And after reading this post you may want to leave Nigeria for 20 years and return so you can see how beautiful Nigeria really is 🙂

TODAY, I present to you stuffs visiting foreigners (mostly the Whites) love about us that you’ve probably taken for granted;


Who says Nigeria foods taste alike? Well.. foreigners on their visit to Nigeria say otherwise. They love the spiciness of our dishes, the differences in sauces and the overall taste of many of our traditional foods like egusi, vegetables, jollof rice, flavoured fishes and staples. They even loved the way barbecues served in newspapers are sprinkled with chili, pepper and sauce.


Most foreigners got a kind of afro-feel in Nigeria especially from many of our culture and traditions. This is expected as even 1 out of 7 black persons around the world is Nigerian. One even said that while riding around, he smelt Africa, as whites are very scarce.


Colourful, Shapely and Stunning especially on the women – that’s the summary of their description of our traditional weekend dresses.


the scenery on the journeys to villages were so beautiful to these foreigners (mostly whites).


Look here.. Nigeria has a Nice weather with a not-so-bad humidity. If you guessed that a whiteman said that, you are right!


They were gladdened by how very friendly and welcoming we can be! Most of them even noted we seemed really happy in spite of our situation. They felt the ecstasy that came along with people calling them ‘oyinbo’ while walking down the street. Also remarkable to mention is that they were awed by our language, our manner of greeting, our no-left-hand habit and our bare-hand eating method.

In all sincerity, while I was gathering information for this post, the part that struck me the most were the people’s part.

NB: This post was sourced from comments on TripAdvisor.

Needful to say, they also mentioned some of our worst sides but I’ll leave that side so we can feel POMPOUS of being a NIGERIAN, even if it’s just for TODAY.

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