List of Senate President in Nigeria from 1960 till Date

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In the Nigerian constitution, the Senate President is the second cadre for the succession to the Nigerian Presidency, immediately after the Vice President. The Nigerian Senate, known as the National Assembly, is the upper house of Nigeria’s bicameral legislature. Leading the Senate is the Senate President, holding the highest position within the chamber. The position is granted via election by the membership of the Senate.

Since Nigeria gained independence in 1960, there have been multiple Senate Presidents, each with their own political philosophies, accomplishments, and difficulties. In this blog post, we will highlight all of them.

Hierarchy showing the Senate 🇳🇬

Structure of the Nigerian Senate

The Senate consists of 109 Distinguished Senators who represent Nigeria’s 109 Senatorial Districts. Each 36 States in Nigeria has three Senatorial Districts, and the Federal Capital Territory has one. The Senate is led by the President of the Senate and the Deputy President of the Senate. The current senate president of Nigeria is Godswill Akpabio, while his deputy is Barau Jibrin.

List of Senate President in Nigeria

The list of the past and present senate president of Nigeria, their tenure and the political party they belong to are highlighted in the table below.

S/NName of SenatorTenure SpanParty
1Nnamdi Azikiwe1960NCNC
2Dennis Osadebey1960-1963NCNC
3Nwafor Orizu1963-1966NCNC
4Joseph Wayas1979-1983NPN
5Iyorchia Ayu1992-1993SDP
6Ameh Ebute1993SDP
7Ivan Enwerem1999PDP
8Chuba Okadigbo1999-2000PDP
9Anyim Pius Anyim2000-2003PDP
10Adolphus Wabara2003-2005PDP
11Ken Nnamani2005-2007PDP
12David Mark2007-2015PDP
13Bukola Saraki2015-2019APC
14Ahmed Lawan2019-2023APC
15Godswill Akpabio2023-APC
Nigerian Senators from 1960 till Date
Who is the deputy senate president in Nigeria?

Currently, Barau Jubrin is the Deputy Senate President of Nigeria.

Who was the senate president of Nigeria in 2013?

In 2013, the Senate President of Nigeria was David Alechenu Bonaventure Mark.

Who is the first Senate President of Nigeria?

Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first Senate President of Nigeria, serving from 1960 to 1963. Azikiwe was also a prominent Nigerian nationalist – he played a significant role in the country’s struggle for independence.

How many senate and rep are there in Nigeria?

There are a total of 109 senators in Nigeria – three from each 36 states and one from the FCT. The Federal House of Representative, however, is made up of 360 Members representing each of the Federal Constituencies of the country.

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